Distance Counseling

We use two systems in order to facilitate distance counseling because sometimes one is not working very well.  If both systems fail, we resort to the telephone.  When you are about to begin your counseling session, please be sure you are in a place that is quiet and private.  You will need to ensure you will not be interrupted and no one can overhear your conversation.  A few days before your appointment, please test both of these systems, as trying to set it up at the time of your appointment will take time away from your counseling session.

The first system is called Doxy.  It does not require you to download anything.  Using Google Chrome or Firefox on a computer, simply click here to go to Dr. Maynard’s waiting room.

The second system is called Vsee and can be used on computers and electronic devices. You will be required to download an application for this system.  Simply clicking here will guide you in downloading the application and setting it up.

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