Thinking about counseling can also come with all kinds of questions.  Below is a list of some of our most common.  We hope they help you decide about counseling with the Center for Counseling, Health, and Wellness.

1. I’m concerned about privacy.  Will anyone know I’m coming to see you, or what we talk about?

We make every effort to ensure your privacy and confidentiality.  In fact, even if you never pursue counseling with us, but call to inquire, you’re given the same level of privacy as any of our clients.  We hold your right to privacy and confidentiality in the highest regards and take every measure possible to protect it.

2. Why counseling?  I should be able to do this by myself, right?

Research has consistently demonstrated the effectiveness of talk therapy.  Clients frequently report to us relief of depression, stress, anxiety, relationship problems, and other difficulties.  Further, those that seek counseling because of lack of meaning, often find it.  Yes, you do have the internal resources necessary to do this, but having someone else to help you navigate that difficulty can help you feel better, faster.

3. When can I come in?

As soon as we have a spot open!  We’re very happy you’re considering the Center for your counseling needs and make every effort to get people in as soon as possible.  We have appointments in the evening and every other Saturday.  Schedule an appointment with David, or give us a call.

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4. What are your fees for counseling?

We strive to give you the best counseling possible.  To stay current and on top of the latest and best ways to help, we frequently participate in continuing education five times more than what is required by our profession.  Further, we continue to pursue additional, formal education and certificates.  We consult with others, including your physician and psychiatrist, to ensure you get the best care possible.  Our fee is $31.25 per quarter hour (15 minutes).  If you have questions about the fee, please feel free to call us.

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5. Can I use my insurance?

Health insurance is important to many people, especially when we have medical concerns.  That said, you may find professional counselors that take insurance for counseling.

On your behalf, we submit claims to your insurance in order for you to be reimbursed.  If you have further questions, please feel free to call us.

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6. What is the first session like?

That’s a great question!  Before your first appointment, you’ll be asked to complete the necessary paperwork, just like when you go see a doctor.  If you wish to download the forms and bring them to your appointment, click here.  If you are comfortable completing the forms online, click here.  If you prefer completing the forms in the office, plan to arrive 30 minutes before your appointment.  

When you arrive, please park behind the building and walk around it to the front.  Just inside, there is a park bench available for you to wait.  At your appointment time, your counselor will greet you and invite you into the office.  The counselor will ensure you understood what the paperwork said; this should take about five to 10 minutes.  Then, your counselor will ask you to share your story and why you want to pursue counseling.  Our ultimate goal is to help you feel better - period.  We want to know what you have done to make things better and help you find other solutions, too.  After that, you and your counselor will decide how often you will meet and what your goals will be.

7. Can you help with other concerns or questions not addressed here?

Absolutely!  Our goal is to help anyone struggling to find wellness and balance in their lives.  Maybe it is stress, depression, anxiety, grief, illness, relational difficulties.  We’re here to help you.

8. What if I have other questions?

If you have other questions, please feel free to call us, we’re happy to answer your questions.  We can be reached Monday through Friday.  If we don’t answer, please leave a message and we’ll get back to you right away.

9. How can I get started?

We believe you’ve already started...by simply looking for help.  For that next step, you can go online to schedule with David, or you can call us at for help getting scheduled.

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We look forward to meeting you and hearing your story.

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